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Useful scripts in the style of roscreate-pkg to create templates for qt applications and modules.




> rosrun qt_create roscreate-qt-pkg my_package_foo

For convenience, you can install a link in /usr/local/bin by doing the following:

> roscd qt_create
# The following will ask for your password (sudo)
> make install
# To remove
> make uninstall

Refer to the Qt App Templates tutorials for more details on the kind of package template it generates.

Opening the `ROS` pkg on `Qt Creator`

(Added on 6/15/2012) Here are some useful links about how to associate ROS with Qt Creator. Although these links are not limited to qt_ros pkg nor Qt Creator (instead, applicable to all development using Qt in general), these info would be helpful. Particularly, using qt_ros could potentially solve issues in many questions up there on answers.ros.org.

Creating/Opening a new pkg on Qt Creator: link

Debugging a ROS pkg from Qt Creator: link

Steps to open a new `ROS` project on `Qt Creator`

To sum it up a little, if you're creating a new ROS project that on Qt Creator, here is one possible steps:

  • S-1. From commandline, Create ROS - Qt pkg as instructed on this wiki

    S-2. On Qt Creator, open CMakeLists.txt. Follow the dialog. You might see errors upon running cmake but in most cases they might be ignorable (otherwise post questions :) ).

    S-3. (Optional) Needless to say, S-1 comes with default simple GUI source codes. Test building & running it from Qt Creator. If this displays a window (with some text fields), you're done!

Some possible pitfalls:

  • - Once you use Qt's build tool "qmake", Makefile gets overwritten. Thus if you want to go back to using cmake (from rosmake, cmake via Qt Creator or else), make sure you restore Makefile.

    - Make sure the content of %PKG_TOP%/resources/images.qrc corresponds to what's inside of %PKG_TOP%/resources/. If you're not using Qt's resource system, just remove images.qrc.

{X} Deprecated in fuerte.

Currently we're installing a simple script, catkin_create_qt_pkg to the global bin directory. In the future we may move this to a rosdistro independant python package.

Refer to the Qt App Templates tutorials for an example on how to use it and details on the kind of package template it generates.

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