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This package contains the specification for the XML contact point description format (RCPDF) and a C++ parser to read the corresponding RCPDF XML files.

Robot Contact Point Description Format (RCPDF)

For a complete specification, please see the RCPDF XML reference.

The root node robot is shared with the URDF and SRDF specifications. It allows to fuse all the robot informations into a single file as the parser will safely ignore the tags which are not part of the specification.

RCPDF Parser

The RCPDF parser creates a C++ representation of a robot that is easy to browse through. For more details, take a look at the C++ code api.

RCPDF Validator

The package includes the command line tool check_rcpdf. It's called with a single command line argument naming a file. It attempts to parse the file as a RCPDF description, and either prints a description of the resulting contact zones description, or an error message.


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