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This package provides the rosbag_analyzer.py script. It exports rosbag data as plain text to be easily parsable by 3rd party tools (gnuplot, octave, etc.).

It is used as follow:

   1 rosrun rosbag_analysis rosbag_analyzer.py ROSBAG

It will create a directory with the same name than the rosbag file (without the extension). One file will be created for each topic in the bag file.

The following message types are supported:

When a quaternion is parsed, it is also exported as RPY Euler angles to ease the interpretation.

The pretty printing is based on the attribute names so additional messages may be parsable (at least partially) as long as the attribute names matches and correspond to the same types. If the type is not known, the script skips this data so some files may contain a partial representation of the original message.

Report a Bug

Use GitHub to report a bug or submit an enhancement.

2024-06-08 14:15