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The parameters object lets you read and write values to the Parameter Server. This object follows the general ROSH convention for converting ROS names, i.e. to access the parameters /foo/bar/gains, you would use:

You can also use mapping-style lookups on parameters, which is useful if you are dealing with string names:

Retrieving a parameter value

To retrieve a parameter value, simply do a method call on the parameter you want, e.g.:

In [3]: parameters.run_id()
Out[3]: '7ab647bc-c29f-11df-aef2-003048fb8348'

Setting a parameter value

You can set values on the Parameter Server simply by using normal Python assignment, e.g.:

In [4]: parameters.foo = 1

In [5]: parameters.foo
Out[5]: 1

You can also use Python dictionaries to assign create namespaces, e.g.:

In [6]: parameters.bar = dict(child1=1, child2=2)

In [7]: parameters.bar
Out[7]: Boxed[{'child1': 1, 'child2': 2}]

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