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The rosjava build environment utilises a few environment variables, some of which are user modifiable.



If you're not doing a full build of all rosjava/android sources, then gradle will look at ROS_MAVEN_REPOSITORY for dependencies. This is set by default (when you source setup.bash) to the rosjava github maven repository but there are cases when you might like to redirect this:

1. Point at a private fork of the rosjava maven repo. 2. Point at a local offline clone of the rosjava maven repo.

Examples of both:

$ export ROS_MAVEN_REPOSITORY=file://home/stonier/ros/rosjava_mvn_repo
$ export ROS_MAVEN_REPOSITORY=https://github.com/stonier/rosjava_mvn_repo/raw/master



This points to where gradle will deploy any artifacts (.jar's or .aar's) it generates. By default this points to the share/maven directory in your devel workspace. The only time you need ever change this variable is if you are preparing artifacts for an upload to the rosjava maven repository.

$ export ROS_MAVEN_DEPLOYMENT_REPOSITORY=/home/stonier/ros/rosjava_mvn_repo


This is a colon separated path list of locally prepared artifact dumps in your ros devel or install workspaces, one for each workspace in the workspace chain. You should never need to touch this - it is automagically configured by the setup.bash generators.

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