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This is a repository for Robot Operating System (ROS) related open source code produced by research labs at The University of Arizona. Code within this repository is released under the New BSD license. Each contributing lab has a designated folder within the repository that holds the lab's contributions. For a description of UA's Wubble Robot, and related ROS packages that may be of interest to other research groups, click here.

Note: The stack list below is automatically generated, for a more accessible description of each of the stacks in ua-ros-pkg, see this page.



The repository is located at http://ua-ros-pkg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

See this page for further instructions on obtaining ua-ros-pkg. To browse the repository, click here.


To report problems encountered when using packages from the UA repository, or for questions regarding the code in the repository, contact Daniel Hewlett or Antons Rebguns. For a list of existing issues, click here

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