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The wpi_jaco metapackage contains ROS packages and nodes that can be used to communicate with the Kinova's JACO, JACO2, and MICO robot arms. The wpi_jaco_wrapper package provides basic control, advanced trajectory control, and manipulation actions for both types of arm. The jaco_interaction package provides teleoperation via joystick, keyboard, and interactive marker control for the JACO and JACO2. The jaco_description and mico_description packages contain urdf and xacro files, Collada models, and Solidworks models, as well as launch files for visualizing the robot model, and the jaco_sdk package contains Kinova's API for communicating with the JACO, JACO2, and MICO arms. The jaco_moveit_config and mico_moveit_config packages provide example MoveIt! configurations for the JACO and MICO arms. The wpi_jaco_msgs package contains all of the messages, services, and actions used throughout the above packages.


Notes about the JACO2

Not all of the functionality of the meta-package is implemented yet for the JACO2. There's no jaco2_description package yet, providing a urdf for the arm. Similarly, there is no sample MoveIt! configuration either, which is waiting on the urdf before configuration is possible. As such, the motion planning functionality found in the two moveit packages have not yet been extended to the JACO2. All of the other functionality should work as intended for the new arm.


To install the wpi_jaco package, you can install from source with the following commands:


The wpi_jaco_wrapper package contains a launch file, arm.launch, to start all of the nodes required to communicate with the JACO arm. Once these nodes are launched, further launch files can be run from the other packages, all of which are documented in their respective wiki pages.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker.

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