This is the University of Maryland Linux Users Group's public mirror of free and open-source software.


7 August 2016: We have replaced our mirror of ArchAssault with ArchStrike.

6 September 2015: We have been experiencing some issues with our Mozdev.org mirror. We believe that these issues have been resolved, but we are continuing to monitor the situation.

13 June 2014: Added a mirror of Raspbian.

23 Feb. 2014: We recently added Antergos and ArchAssault.

5 Jan. 2014: We're now mirroring TurnKey Linux.

23 Dec. 2013: We are now a mirror of GNOME.

11 Nov. 2013: We are now a mirror of XBMC.

28 Apr. 2013: New maintainer has already been filled. Thanks to those who applied.

21 Oct. 2012: a) The Mozilla.org mirror has been disabled. Mozilla no longer uses the community mirror network. b) We are looking for a new maintainer! Please contact mirror@thishostname if you'd like to help!

11 Dec. 2011: Mirror.umd.edu is now in its permanent space in a university data center, where its network speed has been upgraded from 100 Mb/s to 1000 Mb/s.

20 Nov. 2011: Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to add 8 GB of RAM to our main server. We expect that this extra memory will help to alleviate the site's occasional slowness. Network changes are in progress, and we hope to have the gigabit connection back soon.

13 Nov. 2011: Our server now hosts copies of Linux Mint's disk images and package repository.

16 Oct. 2011: We have completed our hardware upgrades and finished restoring all but one or two of the mirrors. We're now hosting the entire release archives of Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mozilla and Kernel.org, and our OpenSUSE and Fedora mirrors have been expanded. We have also started mirroring BerliOS.de's source code repositories, release files and mailing lists.

Software Download Link Notes rsync
Amanda downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/amanda/
Antergos CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/antergos/
ArchLinux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archlinux/
ArchStrike CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archstrike/
Calculate Linux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/calculate/
CentOS CD images + packages Latest (5, 6, 7) rsync://mirror.umd.edu/centos/
Fedora Linux CD images + packages | EPEL Recent releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/fedora/linux/
FindBugs downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/findbugs/
Gentoo Linux source files | portage Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gentoo-portage/

Using the Portage mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the SYNC variable so that it points to this server:


Using the distfiles mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the GENTOO_MIRRORS variable:


GIMP downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gimp/
GNOME downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gnome/
Linux Kernel Archives downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/kernel.org/
Linux Mint CD images | packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/linuxmint/images/
mozdev.org downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/mozdev/
OpenSUSE CD images Recent releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/opensuse/
ospdev.net downloads All projects rsync://mirror.umd.edu/download.ospdev.net/
Raspbian CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/raspbian/
ROS.org packages | wiki All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/packages.ros.org/
Sabayon Linux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/sabayonlinux/
TurnKey Linux Images All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/turnkeylinux/
Ubuntu Linux CD images | packages Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/ubuntu/

Using the local Ubuntu packages mirror

  1. Choose "Ubuntu Software Center" from the "Applications" menu.
  2. Select "Edit" -> "Software Sources"
  3. In the menu next to "Download from", select "Other..."
  4. Select "mirror.umd.edu" under "United States" and click "Choose Server".
Kodi (formerly XBMC) downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/xbmc/

Contact us: mirror at (hostname)