This is the University of Maryland Linux Users Group's public mirror of free and open-source software.

This mirror is run by student volunteers using rackspace and 20Gbit/s Internet2-capable network provided by the Division of IT. The Mirror is partially supported by the Student Technology Fee.


Software Download Link Notes rsync
Amanda downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/amanda/
ArchLinux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archlinux/
ArchStrike CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archstrike/
Calculate Linux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/calculate/
CentOS CD images + packages Latest (5, 6, 7) rsync://mirror.umd.edu/centos/
Devuan Linux CD images Oldstable and Stable rsync://mirror.umd.edu/devuan/
Eclipse Downloads All versions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/eclipse/
Fedora Linux CD images + packages | EPEL Recent releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/fedora/linux/
FindBugs downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/findbugs/
Gentoo Linux source files |portage Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gentoo-portage/

Using the Portage mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the SYNC variable so that it points to this server:


Using the distfiles mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the GENTOO_MIRRORS variable:


GIMP downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gimp/
GNOME downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gnome/
Kodi (formerly XBMC) downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/xbmc/
Linux Kernel Archives downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/kernel.org/
Linux Mint CD images | packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/linuxmint/images/
mozdev.org downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/mozdev/
MX Linux CD images | packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/mxlinux-iso/
OpenSUSE CD images Recent releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/opensuse/
Raspbian CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/raspbian/
ROS.org packages | wiki All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/packages.ros.org/
Sabayon Linux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/sabayonlinux/
TurnKey Linux Images All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/turnkeylinux/
Ubuntu Linux CD images | packages Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/ubuntu/

Using the local Ubuntu packages mirror

  1. Choose "Ubuntu Software Center" from the "Applications" menu.
  2. Select "Edit" -> "Software Sources"
  3. In the menu next to "Download from", select "Other..."
  4. Select "mirror.umd.edu" under "United States" and click "Choose Server".

Contact us: mirror at (hostname)

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