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Only released in EOL distros:  

abb_experimental: abb_irb1200_5_90_moveit_config | abb_irb1200_7_70_moveit_config | abb_irb1200_support | abb_irb120_gazebo | abb_irb120_moveit_config | abb_irb120_support | abb_irb120t_moveit_config | abb_irb1600_6_12_moveit_config | abb_irb1600_support | abb_irb2600_support | abb_irb4600_support | abb_irb52_support | abb_irb6650s_support | abb_irb6700_support | abb_irb7600_support

Package Summary

ROS-Industrial support for the ABB IRB_6650S (and variants).

This package contains configuration data, 3D models and launch files for ABB IRB_6650S manipulators. This currently includes the base model.

Joint limits and max joint velocities are based on the information in the ABB IRB 6650S product specification document All URDFs / XACROs are based on the default motion and joint velocity limits, unless noted otherwise (ie: no support for high speed joints, extended / limited motion ranges or other options).

Before using any of the configuration files and / or meshes included in this package, be sure to check they are correct for the particular robot model and configuration you intend to use them with.


This package is part of the ROS-Industrial program.


See the abb_experimental page.

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