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This stack contains tools for computer vision tasks.


If you haven't already, download the stacks from our repository:

   1 cd ~/ros/stacks
   2 git clone http://robotics.ccny.cuny.edu/git/ccny-ros-pkg/ccny_vision.git

To build the ccny_vision stack, run:

   1 cd ~/ros/stacks/ccny_vision
   2 rosmake ccny_vision --rosdep-install

Compilation issues

If you encounter an error message like

rosdep.core.RosdepException: QUITTING: due to conflicting rosdep definitions, please resolve this conflict.
Rules for glut do not match:
        libglut3-dev [.../stacks/ccny_vision/rosdep.yaml]
        {'apt': {'packages': ['libglut3-dev']}} [/opt/ros/electric/stacks/bullet/rosdep.yaml]

Run the following commands to remove the offending line:

roscd ccny_vision
sed -i '/ubuntu: libglut3-dev/d' rosdep.yaml

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

We appreciate the time and effort spent submitting bug reports.

Please use our Trac to report bugs or request features.

2024-06-22 13:08