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Collection of packages for detecting and identifying faces, detecting and tracking humans with RGB-D sensors or laser scanners, and fusing detections.


Following functionalities are found in the packages:

cob_people_detection: Detects persons through head and face detection and identifies the detected faces. The results are tracked over time to increase confidence. The system is optimized to be used with a Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion Pro Live sensor but could also handle different sensors as long as depth and color images are provided. See cob_people_detection for details.

cob_dual_leg_tracker: Tracks persons as pairs of legs in a laser scan

cob_leg_detection: detects and tracks legs in a laser scan (used by cob_dual_leg_tracker)

cob_people_tracking_filter: tracking of detections (used by cob_leg_detection and cob_dual_leg_tracker).

cob_people_fusion: fuse people detections from various sources

cob_openni2_tracker: wrapper for the openni2_tracker that detects humans in the Kinect point cloud and tracks their skeleton. See cob_openni2_tracker for details.

libnite2: Helper library for cob_openni2_tracker, wrapper for downloading and compiling the NiTE library.


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