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New in Fuerte


This package contains launch files for using a Microsoft Kinect using the libfreenect library. This folder replicates the API offered by openni_launch in an effort to maintain maximum compatibility with the OpenNI driver. Differences are mentioned below.

To use this package, please refer to openni_launch and rgbd_launch documentation. The migration guide to/from the OpenNI driver is documented here.

The main launch script can be run using the following command:

roslaunch freenect_launch freenect.launch

Modifications from openni_launch

freenect_launch contains a few modifications from openni_launch apart from running the libfreenect based driver. These are documented below.

freenect_launch vs openni_launch

Additional Launch Files

There are a few additional launch files in freenect_launch that demonstrate running a different constellation of nodelets. This is useful for launching the minimum set of required processing nodelets, as well as avoid unnecessary warnings during launch. For example:

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