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The Basics

This package provides the set of skills initially available for HERB, the Home Exploring Robot Butler at Intel Labs Pittsburgh.

Although the set of skills might not be immediately useful for other robots, because if addresses the specific HERB components, it might still serve as a useful example if you are new to the behavior engine.

You can find the newest version at http://github.com/timn/ros-herb_skills.

It is part of the behavior engine stack.

Skills and files

Some notes about the particular features demonstrated.

  • An auto-generator for a common class of skills, which order instruction of different actions on the same entity, therefore resulting in a uniform appearance of all such skills.
grab.lua and noop.lua
  • Before implementing armskill.lua, the skill was implemented "by hand". This file contains such a skill and serves as an example of a "regular" skill.
  • This higher order skill employs several simpler skills to form a more complex behavior. In particular in our environment during action execution updates must be prevented to be added to the model. This is done by locking it. Therefore this skill roughly implements the sequence of detect the object, lock the environment, verify that the object has not been removed in the time between seeing the object and locking the environment, grab the object, pick it up, i.e. lift the arm into a safe carrying position, and finally unlock the environment. Of course in case of an error the skill diverts from that strict linear sequence.
place.lua and put.lua
  • Higher order skills similar to grab_object, but for placing an object on a surface or putting it into a bin.
  • Definition of the skill space, i.e. registering and triggering auto-generation of all available skills.
  • Simple skill calling a particular action using actionlib, but where there are not multiple skills of a similar pattern justifying an auto-generator.

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