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IRI Uncalibrated Visual Servoing


This application implements an uncalibrated image-based visual servoing approach developed at Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI http://www.iri.upc.edu/). The aplications of this software are mainly to maneuver a camera or a robot from an initial position to a desired location simplified by an AR_tag., this can be done considering:

Details can also be found in this paper:

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Although the iri_uncalibvs node can be used in a real robotic settings, it is included in this section the hector_quadrotor stack to simulate the UAV quadrotor.


This section indicates the steps to follow to run the application once the related dependences have been acquired.

Dynamic reconfigure


This node launches all the required nodes to drive the quadrotor with or without arm as well as to drive it automatically (with the uncalibrated approach) o manually (with Xbox controller teleop).

Example Videos

This video shows the use of the provided software for both simulations and a UAV quadrotor (Kinton robot).

This video shows the use of the uncalibrated image-based visual servo addressing the problem of autonomously servoing a quadrotor-arm unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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