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Only released in EOL distros:  

kinton_robot: arm_sim_controller | iri_jointspub | iri_ual_catec | kinton_apps | kinton_arm_node | kinton_arm_tag_tracker | kinton_arm_task_priority_control | kinton_base | kinton_odom | kinton_sim | kinton_vs_control

Package Summary

ROS software stack to handle Kinton Robot. Kinton is a Pelican Quadrotor from Asctec used in the project ARCAS (Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System).

Currently, the robot is equipped with:

  • AutoPilot
    • 3D magnetometer
    • 3-axis gyros
    • 3-axis accelerometers
    • pressure sensor
    • Two LPC2146 ARM processors, one 'LL' (low level) and one 'HL' (high level). The docs say that the HL processor is factory programmed to monitor battery voltage and parse and forward GPS data, leaving "plenty of computing power for user applications". Thus the LL processor must handle the high rate (reportedly 1 kHz) inner loop attitude control and altitude control. The LL processor is a black box or "code-protected" in their parlance.
  • GPS (uBlox LEA5T)
  • Motors
    • Custom (labeled 'AscTec Pelican')
  • Motor Controllers
    • X-BLDC (x4)
  • Command/Telemetry Link
    • WiFi (via Atom)
    • XBee Pro (to AutoPilot LL serial port)
  • Control Link (R/C)
    • Spektrum 2.4Ghz
    • AR7000 DSM2 7Ch Receiver
    • Futaba T7C Transmitter (see AscTec RC Transmitter Switches)
  • Computing - Atom Board
    • LiPPERT CoreExpress ECO Computer-On-Module board: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530, 1 GB RAM
    • AscTec "CoreExpress Carrierboard" (basically a breakout board)
      • Interfaces: 7 USB ports, 2 serial, mini PCI-express
      • WLAN module: 802.11 b/g/n(?)
      • SDHC compatible micro SD card reader (8 GB - preloaded with Ubuntu) (see: Cloning SD Card for Atom)
  • Power
    • 11.1V, 3-cell LiPo batteries
    • Power board distributes 12V battery power to motor controllers and provides regulated 6V for the AutoPilot board and regulated 5V for accessories



Bug reporting instructions and feedback mail address can be found at IRI Robotics Lab support page


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