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Only released in EOL distros:  

mrl_robots: mrl_robots_2dnav | mrl_robots_description | mrl_robots_drivers | mrl_robots_sensors | mrl_robots_teleop

Package Summary

Parameters and launch files for using the 2D navigation stack on the Stingbot and Traxbot robots.


Tools for interfacing the MRL Robots with the navigation stack in pre-specified static maps. Robots were extended with Hokuyo URG-04LX LRFs for 2D navigation.

Stingbot with an Hokuyo LRF Traxbot with an Hokuyo LRF


Maps of the MRL Arena and the ISR-floor0 are available in the maps folder of the mrl_robots_2dnav package.

Launch Files



rviz Snapshots

arena_traxbot_2dnav.png A Traxbot navigating in the MRL Arena as seen in rviz.

stingbot_isr.png A Stingbot navigating in the ISR-floor0 as seen in rviz.

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