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User Documentation

  1. User Guide

  2. Troubleshooting

  3. Built-in Display Types

  4. Basic Shapes API Wrapper - rviz_visual_tools


  1. Markers: Sending Basic Shapes (C++)

    Shows how to use visualization_msgs/Marker messages to send basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, arrow) to rviz.

  2. Markers: Points and Lines (C++)

    Teaches how to use the visualization_msgs/Marker message to send points and lines to rviz.

  3. Interactive Markers: Getting Started

    This tutorial explains what Interactive Marker are and teaches you some of the basic concepts.

  4. Interactive Markers: Writing a Simple Interactive Marker Server

    This tutorial explains how to setup a minimalist server which manages a single interactive marker.

  5. Interactive Markers: Basic Controls

    This tutorial explains how the basic_controls tutorial code works.

  6. Plugins: New Display Type

    How to write a plugin which adds a new display capability to RViz.

  7. Plugins: New Dockable Panel

    How to write a plugin which adds a new type of dock-able Panel widget to RViz.

  8. Plugins: New Tool Type

    How to write a plugin which adds a new tool to RViz.

  9. Librviz: Incorporating RViz into a Custom GUI

    How to write an application using an RViz visualization widget.

  10. Rviz in Stereo

    Teaches how to set up Rviz to render in 3D Stereo.

API Documentation

Command Line Options

To see the list of command line options for your RViz release, run the following command:

rosrun rviz rviz --help

Recording Movies

rviz does not have a builtin capability to record movies. You can, however, use an application like GLC (or SimpleScreenRecorder) to do so. The RecordingOpenGLAppsWithGLC page has more information on recording and encoding.

Report a Bug

Report a bug or request a feature. [ View active tickets ]

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