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Only released in EOL distros:  

pr2_doors: ANN_doors | door_handle_detector | door_msgs | pr2_doors_actions | pr2_doors_common | pr2_doors_executive | pr2_laser_snapshotter | tff_controller

Package Summary

The pr2_doors stack provides the building blocks and integration to allow the PR2 to autonomously detect and open doors.


This stack is not supported any more since the release of Electric.

Run the door opening code in simulation

To run the door opening in in Gazebo simulated environment, check out this tutorial.

Run the door opening code on the PR2

The door opening code was developed for and tested on doors inside Willow Garage. It's unlikely that it will just work on any other type of doors (most likely the door handle detection code will fail to find the correct location of the door handle). To run door opening in Willow Garage:

Report a Bug

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