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This is for people who want to:

If you want to develop with msvc in the usual ros framework (which gives you access at automatic dependency handling, msg/srv generation etc), you should use the rosbuild2 build environment directly.




Download sdk-electric-x86-vs10.zip. You can extract it anywhere. You should then find:

ros-sdk/debug : debug versions of the libraries and headers.
ros-sdk/release : release versions of the libraries and headers.
ros-sdk/sdk_tutorials : unit test visual studio solution (listener/talker).
ros-sdk/setup.bat : sets library search paths and ros variables.


Edit setup.bat and modify variables appropriately for your environment. You'll need to choose one of debug or release here.

Roscpp Tutorials

Fire up a roscore on a linux machine with ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP set appropriately (from above settings, it would be ROS_MASTER_URI= and ROS_IP=

> setup
> cd %ROS_SDK_DIR%\bin
> talker        # listener, listener_unreliable...

Sdk Tutorials

Open the solution in sdk_tutorials. It should build without any modifications unless you installed a different version of boost or installed it in the non-default location. If you did, correct the include/link directory options for each project.

Note: you may wish to have a look at listener.cpp and talker.cpp - they outline how you might set the ROS_XXX variables via api rather than environment variable.

Again, run setup.bat in a shell to set your environment and then run the resulting talker, listener.

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