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Only released in EOL distros:  

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Package Summary

The xbot_navi package


The package has many functions such as mapping, positioning, navigation, path planning, and integrated services demo including navigation, face recognition, and voice conversations. The package relies on the xbot-u robot platform and other packages such as xbot, xbot_talker and xbot_face. See the gmapping, move_base, amcl and cartographer package for more details to configure the mapping and navigation parameters.



To make a map from xbot-u robot with gmapping package:

roslaunch xbot_navi build_map.launch

Then run the visualization program on the PC as the ROS slave:

roslaunch xbot_navi rviz_build_map.launch

Or you can choose to use google open source cartographer to make a map:

roslaunch xbot_navi build_map_carto.launch

SLAM navigation

Navigate via move_base and amcl:

roslaunch xbot_navi demo.launch

Or use cartographer to navigate:

roslaunch xbot_navi navi_carto.launch

Integrated services demo

The service aggregates navigation, face recognition, and voice conversation into a single service. Users need to modify the configuration files param/kp.json and param/greet.json to manage keypoints and face greetings. Operation can refer to:

roslaunch xbot_navi demo.launch

2024-05-18 14:12