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This is a page to share books that provide documentation and tutorials for ROS. Additionally, they might come with open source code.

About the list on this page

This page is part of the ROS wiki. As such, it is editable by all users with a wiki account.

Entries on the list that is shown below were contributed by community members, such as yourself.

The fact that books appear on this list does not imply any endorsement, review or quality check by Open Robotics, the Open Source Robotics Foundation or the wider ROS community. These books are also not featured here because they are part of a standardised corpus of documentation for ROS.

This list is merely a convenience offered to the ROS community and should not be considered anything else.

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Books currently listed

  1. A very informal journey through ROS 2 English (2023-February 11, ROS 2 I, C++)

  2. Robot programming starting with ROS 2 Korean (2021-August 05, ROS 2 F, Python, C++)

  3. Roboter mit ROS - Bots konstruieren und mit Open Source programmieren - First Edition German (2020-January 30., K, Python, C++)

  4. ROS 2 in 5 days (2019-March 14, C++)

  5. Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (2018-August-29, Python)

  6. Robot Development and Practice with ROS chinese(2018-May, Python, C++)

  7. Springer Book on Robot Operating System (ROS): The Complete Reference, Third Volume (Springer, 2018)

  8. Springer Book on Robot Operating System (ROS): The Complete Reference, Second Volume (Springer, 2017), listed in 25% most downloadable books in Springer.

  9. Springer Book on Robot Operating System (ROS): The Complete Reference, First Volume (Springer, 2016), listed in 25% most downloadable books in Springer.

  10. Learning Robotics using Python, Second Editon (2018-June 28, Python, C++)

  11. Robot Operating System for Absolute Beginners (2018-June 15, Python, C++)

  12. Robot Operating System Cookbook (2018-June 06, M, Python, C++)

  13. ROS Programming: Building Powerful Robots (2018-March 03., K, Python)

  14. Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming - Second Edition (2018-February 02., K, C++)

  15. ROS Robot Programming (Japanese (2018-3, K, C++) | Chinese (2017-12, K, C++) | English (2017-12, K, C++))

  16. ROS Robotics By Example - Second Edition (2017-12, K, Python)

  17. ROS PERCEPTION in 5 days (2017-10, I. Python)

  18. ROS MANIPULATION in 5 days (2017-10, I. Python)

  19. ROS NAVIGATION in 5 days (2017-10, I. Python)

  20. A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS (2017-10, I., C++)

  21. ROS IN 5 DAYS Book Collection: ROS Basics; ROS Navigation; ROS Manipulation; ROS Perception (2017-09, I. Python)

  22. ROS Robot Programming Second Edition Korean (2017-08, K, C++)

  23. ROS Robotics Projects (2017-03, I, Python)

  24. Effective Robotics Programming with ROS - Third Edition (2016-12, I, Python)

  25. ROS_Robotics_By_Example (2016-6, I, Python)

  26. MasteringROSforRoboticsProgramming (2015-12, IJ, C++)

  27. Programming_Robots_with_ROS (2015-12, I, Python)

  28. ROS_Robot_Programming_Japanese Japanese (2015-11, I, C++)

  29. LearningROSforRoboticsProgramming_second_edition (2015-08, HIJ, C++)

  30. Robot Programming by ROS Japanese (2015-06, I, C++ & Python)

  31. LearningRoboticsUsingPython (2015-05, IJ, Python)

  32. ROS_Robot_Programming Korean (2015-03, I, C++)

  33. ROSBook_KR korean (2014-12, I, C++)

  34. ROSbyExampleVol2 (2014, HI, Python)

  35. AGentleIntroductiontoROS (2013-10, G, C++)

  36. AGentleIntroductiontoROS_Chinese chinese (2013-10, I, C++)

  37. LearningROSforRoboticsProgramming (2013-09, FG, C++)

  38. ROSbyExample (2013, GH, Python)


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