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ROS Software Quality Hub

The Quality Hub is an online community hub that will provide a focal point and resources to foster quality related activity in ROS. Please help to grow it in the interest of the entire community.

This page is a central entry point for all quality assurance material for ROS. This includes tutorials and patterns on producing and contributing high quality code, as well as on testing, and other quality oriented practices. The particular focus are industrial users of ROS, but everybody is welcomed to benefit and to contribute.

Please create new quality oriented materials under this tree in the wiki.

Tutorials and articles

See Quality/Tutorials for tutorials & articles on quality assurance with ROS and for ROS.

Quality category on ROS Discourse

There is a dedicated software quality category on ROS Discourse: discourse.ros.org/Quality.

Go there to discuss issues of quality policies in the ROS projects, and in ROS-based applications, including proposals of content for this webpage, offers to help, etc.

Who is behind ROS Quality Hub? (About Us)

So who is behind this page? The answer is simple: It's you! We need your help to create a solid resource on building high quality industrial level systems with ROS. We are a group of self-appointed editors who are generously funded by the European Union H2020 project ROSIN.

We are trying to spin this effort with a good speed and trajectory, but it will die, if you don't join us. Talk to us on the discourse category for Quality (see above), or just grab an article devoted to Quality that needs improvement and work on it! You can take the article from anywhere in the wiki, and link it from here, as a sign that it has been edited. If you think an article on a topic is missing, create a new one, or ask others to do so in a discourse discussion.

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