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A demo package for testing and demonstrating the uses of the sbpl_dynamic_env stack.


There are a few launch files in the launch folder which show interesting situations where a planner that takes dynamic obstacles and time into account (sbpl_dynamic_planner) will produce intelligent behavior. In the same situations a planner that doesn't handle time (treats dynamic obstacles as static ones) will produce incorrect solutions, or no solution at all.

The demos all have the robot running the sbpl_dynamic_planner in blue and the dynamic obstacles in green.

roscd demo_sbpl_dynamic_env
roslaunch launch/duck_and_wait.launch

In this demo the robot's goal is on the right and there is a dynamic obstacle moving toward it in a tight hallway. The robot generates a plan that ducks into an alcove waits for the moving obstacle to pass and then proceed to its goal. A planner that does not take time into account would never find a solution to this situation.

roscd demo_sbpl_dynamic_env
roslaunch launch/slow_follow.launch

In this demo a slow dynamic obstacle moves in front of the robot (blocking its path to the goal). The robot follows it (stopping and waiting often) until the tight hallway opens up into a room where the robot can get past the moving obstacle.

roscd demo_sbpl_dynamic_env
roslaunch launch/two_robot_dodge.launch

In this demo there are two moving obstacles coming toward the robot. The robot must weave in between them in order to get to the goal safely.


There is a gtest in the test folder which makes sure all the packages in this stack are working together properly in the stage simulator.

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