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How to run

Running Denso's VS060 in a simple world

First, if you run it for the first time, install prerequisite.

$ rosdep install vs060
$ ros-$YOUR_ROSDISTRO$-moveit-ros-visualization  (may not be necessary)

You can run VS060 manipulator on RViz by the following:

$ roslaunch denso_launch denso_vs060_moveit_demo_simulation.launch 

Then you can plan the arm's pose by using Interactive Markers, then actually move it to there by hitting Plan & Execute on MoveIt!'s RViz plugin.

vs060_rviz_launch_1.png vs060_rviz_launch_2.png

You can simulate object avoidance too by placing objects in RViz. Here for example with tabletop.


Youtube example:

VS060 in iREX 2013 demo

You can run it on RViz by:

$ roslaunch vs060_moveit_config demo_simulation_cage.launch

You'll see VS060 sitting in a bit more restricted situation. vs060_irex_rviz.png

The actual robot is moving in the same but real environment:

VS060 integrated with vision (xtion)

Using Web Operator

Using rwt_moveit (package work in progress here) you can operate this robot via WebGL-enabled web browsers. denso/rwt_moveit_denso_1.png rwt_moveit_obstacle_1.png

Using Cartesian Path Planner Plug-In

Cartesian Path Planner Plug-In from ROS-Industrial.

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