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Uses v4l2 to capture images from the FLIR camera. Processes the images with OpenCV and publishes them using cv_bridge.


This monocular, thermal camera produces a single black-and-white image on the image_raw topic. However, since it also uses a camera_info_manager and image_transport, topics for compressed and theora transports as well as a camera_info topic are available.


The tf frame to be used on all published images.

The path to the video device. Default is /dev/video0.

The requested frame rate from the driver. The camera is only capable of 30 or 60 fps and this parameter does not currently modify the camera's configuration, only the rate at which frames are captured from the memory buffer. If a rate is requested which is above the current output frame rate of the camera, frames will only be produced by the driver at the camera's currently-configured rate. However, if a lower rate is requested, the frame production rate will be throttled to that rate.

The desired video mode for the images. Possible values are YUV and RAW16.

If using a Boson 640, this will enable the camera's zoom function which gives an image output of 640x480.

The type of Boson camera being used. Possible values are Boson_320 or Boson_640.

The URL of a camera calibration yaml file which has been generated by the camera_calibration package. Used for image rectification.

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