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This repository gathers ROS stacks developed by the LAAS-CNRS.

Maintained / High-Quality Stacks

These stacks are stable, tested and support on them is provided (but not guaranteed, depending on how busy people are).



Robot models

3rd party software packaging

Private / closed-source stacks

These stacks are not available through ros.org / github.com due to copyright issues. However, we use them internally and may be able to share them under some conditions.

Please, send an e-mail directly to: <thomas.moulard AT gmail DOT com> for more information.


This stack gathers HRP-2 model as a URDF file and calibration data for our robot as YAML files.


This stack gathers our motion planning algorithms for humanoid robots.


Warning: these are all the stacks currently in development but which have been already released. This list may contain alpha/beta stage software as well as deprecated ones which should not be relied on.

2024-05-18 13:14