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motion_planning_common: collision_environment_msgs | collision_map | collision_space | distance_field | geometric_shapes | geometric_shapes_msgs | mapping_msgs | mapping_rviz_plugin | motion_planning_msgs | motion_planning_rviz_plugin | planning_environment | planning_environment_msgs | planning_models | robot_self_filter

Package Summary

This package defines a set of general-purpose messages and services for motion planning and control. It includes messages that can be used to specify joint and cartesian trajectories, represent robot state and services to compute motion plans. It also includes a set of conversion methods that can be used to convert messages from one form to another.


Note: In electric, this package has been replaced by arm_navigation_msgs

Newly proposed, mistyped, or obsolete package. Could not find package "motion_planning_msgs" in rosdoc: /var/www/docs.ros.org/en/api/motion_planning_msgs/manifest.yaml


API Stability


To see examples of how to use the motion planning messages and services, have a look at the Arm navigation tutorials

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