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This package provides a generic implementation of constraint aware kinematics for any serial manipulator. It is based on a combination of the ROS collision checking tools with KDL forward and inverse kinematics solvers. This package exposes this functionality in three ways:

  1. C++ class: A C++ interface through a class that inherits from the base class provided in the kinematics_base package.

  2. ROS plugin interface: This interface allows other programs to configure and use this implementation of kinematics at runtime. The configuration is done through yaml and is described in more detail in the tutorials for setting up a node.

  3. A ROS node: This node has the same ROS API as the node provided by the pr2_arm_kinematics_constraint_aware package. It can use the plugin from this package or a custom plugin created for a specific robot.

Configuration for your own arm

Follow the tutorials for configuring this node for your own arm.

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