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This is the ROS interface to the OMPL motion planning package. This package will allow you to easily create and configure a motion planner for your robot. Most configuration is automated, however you will have to specify the parts of the robot for which you want to create a motion planner. You can also define the planner in a "task" space by defining your own instance of a state transformation function that will convert back and forth between the task and configuration space of the robot.

Ompl Ros Interface


ROS Electric

To install this package, you will have to install the arm_navigation stack:

 sudo apt-get install ros-electric-arm-navigation

Documentation and Tutorials

Examples for how to setup and configure motion planners for your robot can be found in the accompanying tutorials.


Coming soon.

Example (In simulation)

A quick example for use with the PR2 robot in simulation (Gazebo) can be found in the PR2 pick and place demo in Gazebo. Follow the instructions on that page to see ompl_ros_interface in action.

Example (On the PR2 Robot)

The tabletop manipulation stacks in diamondback now use the ompl_ros_interface for planning using OMPL. To run these stacks on the PR2 robot, try the tabletop manipulation demo following these instructions.

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