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Package for ROS2


This omronsentech_camera package is provided by OMRON SENTECH, CO.,LTD. to be used with OMRON SENTECH cameras. This package wraps SentechSDK's transport layer module to provide generic access to the camera's GenICam features and image capture. Any cameras which are supported by Linux-based SentechSDK are also supported by this package.

SentechSDK must be installed before building this package.
SentechSDK can be downloaded from OMRON SENTECH homepage.

Please refer to the README.md (English) or README-ja.md (Japanese) for the details.

Questions/Feedbacks and Bug Reports

If you have any questions/feedbacks or found any bugs, please either directly contact support-ros AT sentech.co DOT jp or post your question at https://answers.ros.org/questions/ (please use tag omronsentech_camera).

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