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Only released in EOL distros:  


Only released in EOL distros:  

openrave_planning: collada_robots | openrave | openrave_actionlib | openrave_calibration | openrave_database | openrave_msgs | openrave_robot_control | openrave_robot_filter | openrave_sensors | openraveros | openraveros_tutorials | orrosplanning | roscpp_sessions | session_tutorials

Package Summary

There are two ways to start the server.

1. Through the command line:

roslaunch openraveros_tutorials openrave.launch

2. Through python code shown in openraverosserver.py

rosrun openraveros_tutorials openraverosserver.py

Once the ROSServer is started, veriy that the services are indeed advertised:

rosservice list

Then either launch the C++ or python code to tell openrave to load a scene:

rosrun openraveros_tutorials loadscene
rosrun openraveros_tutorials loadscene.py

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