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  1. When using force_servo, slip_servo, or find_contact the gripper is crushing everything I give it! What is wrong!??

    • One reason this may be happening is because you have malfunctioning pressure sensors. The easiest way to check if this is the case is to rostopic echo /pressure. If the results are all 0's then it is likely that your finger sensors are not working correctly. You will need to check the connections of the sensors to the PR2 ethercat system, and the sensors themselves may also be damaged.

      An alternative reason this may be happening is that your code may be zeroing the sensors when it shouldn't be, primarily it should not be doing this when the gripper finger sensors are contacting something in the environment. Check that when you call find_contact or grab from pr2_gripper_sensor_action you are not already touching something.

  2. Whatever that error is when you forget to build the real-time controller until after you launch.
    • Build before you launch
  3. When using the event_detector action my acceleration events never seem to trigger until I set the trigger value very low ( less than 2 m/s^2).

    • There is a known bug currently with the accelerometer where sometimes it will enter a bad state on the PR2 ethercat system and not respond properly. Please refer to the accelerometer wiki page for additional information, and the troubleshooting section that explain how to quickly reset your accelerometer, which often fixes the problem.

  4. When using the event_detector action my acceleration events are constantly triggering when I don't think they should be.

    • See above answer.

2024-06-15 12:59