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rc_visard_ros is a meta package of the ROS interface for the Roboception rc_visard 3D sensor.

The rc_visard is the world’s first 3D sensor that allows robots to perceive their environment in 3D and localize themselves in space.

rc_visard (65 mm baseline, color) rc_visard (160 mm baseline, color)

rc_visard_ros contains the packages rc_visard_description and rc_visard_driver.

The rc_visard_description package contains xacro and urdf files for the two baseline versions of the rc_visard (rc_visard_65, rc_visard_160).

The rc_visard_driver is the official ROS driver for the rc_visard which provides ROS parameters (configuration), ROS services (control of rc_visards dynamic module) and ROS topics (sensor data: Images, Stereo Data, Point Clouds, Dynamic State i.e. poses and IMU data, TF).

The rc_visard comes in two baseline versions with two different baseline distances (distances between the cameras) for use in the near or long range for optimized depth image calculations.

  • rc_visard_65 (65 mm baseline) is optimized for the depth measurement range 0,2 – 1 m providing a depth image resolution of 0,5 – 15 mm.

  • rc_visard_160 (160 mm baseline) is optimized for the depth measurement range 0,5 – 3 m providing a depth image resolution of 1,5 – 50 mm.

After the appropriate rc_visard baseline version has been selected one can choose between the camera type versions color and monochrome.

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