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Preparing the TurtleBot

Before running the follower, make sure your TurtleBot is setup:

  1. The TurtleBot laptop must be powered on.

  2. The iRobot Create must be powered on.
  3. The TurtleBot must be placed away from walls and objects that could confuse the follower.

  4. The TurtleBot must not be running any other ros programs.


To start the follower, open an SSH terminal on the TurtleBot laptop, and run the following command:

roslaunch turtlebot_follower follower.launch

The follower should now be running. To initiate following, walk in front of the TurtleBot. Then, slowly walk away from the TurtleBot. The robot should move forward. Moving close to the TurtleBot will cause it to back away. Moving slowly to the left or right will cause the TurtleBot to turn. To stop the robot from following, walk quickly away from the robot.

To get more details about running TurtleBot follower, please take a look to the TurtleBot follower tutorial

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