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The Eclipse Foundation provides individuals and organizations with a commercially focused environment for open source software innovation. It includes git repositories, reviews, issues management, continuous integration, forums and mailing lists among other services. Many well-known and widely used projects are hosted on the forge, including the Eclipse IDE itself, several projects about IoT, modeling, and the new Java working group.

Crossminer & Scava

Crossminer is EU-funded research project that aims at providing tailored recommendations for software practitionners. Its outputs include the Scava Eclipse project and a set of public datasets extracted from a selection of representative Eclipse projects.

Crossminer has been terminated in 2019, and since then the datasets are maintained by Castalia Solutions as a service for the Eclipse and Research communities.

Scava is the Eclipse spin-off of Crossminer, a EU-funded research project. More information can be found at the following places:


All datasets are published under the Creative Commons BY-Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (International).

All code is, unless otherwise stated, published under the Eclipse Public Licence, v2.