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Eclipse Projects

We generate comprehensive data extracts of a set of Eclipse projects, including data sources like:

  • Software Configuration Management (Eclipse git or GitHub),
  • Issues tracking (Bugzilla or GitHub),
  • Project metadata (PMI) checks (PMI),
  • Licencing and copyrights (Scancode), and
  • Static Code Analysis (SonarCloud) when available.

Each dataset is composed of:

  • Compressed (gzip’d) CSV and JSON files for tool-specific data.
  • A full bundle including all above data files related to a project.
  • A R Markdown document that analyses the extracted files and provides some hints about how to use them. This document also serves as a validation step to identify empty or inconsistent datasets.

These datasets are published under the Creative Commons BY-Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (International) licence. Data is updated weekly, at 2am on Sunday. If you would like to add a project, please submit an issue.