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Only released in EOL distros:  

austinvilla: color_table | ground_truth

Package Summary

This stack keeps all the packages from UT AustinVilla in the efforts towards the RoboCup Competition. Currently it contains a color table generation tool, along with a ground truth detection system using the Kinect that can be used for Nao robot.

ROS packages for work done by the Austinvilla Robot Soccer Team at the University of Texas at Austin.


This stack currently contains the code to run a ground truth system specifically designed for the Standard Platform League (SPL) in Robocup robot soccer competition. Details are available in the paper below.

A Low Cost Ground Truth Detection System Using the Kinect. Piyush Khandelwal and Peter Stone. In Thomas Roefer, Norbert Michael Mayer, Jesus Savage, and Uluc Saranli, editors, RoboCup-2011: Robot Soccer World Cup XV, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2012. To appear. Details BibTeX Download: pdf ps


1. Install ROS Diamondback. Follow the instructions here. The desktop-full install is required.

2. Install the following additional packages.

3. color_table has a dependency on the eros stack. This package is currently available from source. The installation instructions are summarized below.

4. Download the source code for the austinvilla stack

5. You will need to update your ~/.bashrc file with the locations of these 2 stacks. Add these lines after the original line added during the ROS installation

Remember to call source ~/.bashrc for ros to index the stacks in the current terminal window.

6. If the installation has been successful, you should be able to build the packages. First install any remaining system dependencies, and then call rosmake.

Report a Bug

Please email any bug reports to <piyushk AT cs DOT utexas DOT edu>

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