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Only released in EOL distros:  

behavior_engine: actionlib_lua | example_skills | fawkes_lua | herb_agents | herb_skills | lua_utils | luaagent | skiller | skillgui

Package Summary

Lua modules imported and synced with Fawkes (http://www.fawkesrobotics.org)


  1. The Basics

The Basics

This package provides the Lua utility classes taken from the Fawkes source tree. The goal of this package is to allow for a free flow of this Lua code between Fawkes and ROS without the need for platform-specific changes on code transfer. Keep this in mind when changing these files.

You can find the newest version at http://github.com/timn/ros-fawkes_lua.

It is part of the behavior engine stack.

2024-06-08 13:14