This is the University of Maryland Linux Users Group's public mirror of free and open-source software.

This mirror is run by student volunteers using rackspace and 20Gbit/s Internet2-capable network provided by the Division of IT. The Mirror is partially supported by the Student Technology Fee.


Software Download Link Notes rsync
Amanda downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/amanda/
ArchLinux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archlinux/
ArchStrike CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/archstrike/
Calculate Linux CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/calculate/
CentOS CD images + packages Latest (5, 6, 7) rsync://mirror.umd.edu/centos/
Devuan Linux CD images Oldstable and Stable rsync://mirror.umd.edu/devuan/
Eclipse Downloads All versions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/eclipse/
Fedora Linux CD images + packages | EPEL Recent releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/fedora/linux/
FindBugs downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/findbugs/
Gentoo Linux source files |portage Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gentoo-portage/

Using the Portage mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the SYNC variable so that it points to this server:


Using the distfiles mirror

In /etc/make.conf, set the GENTOO_MIRRORS variable:


GIMP downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gimp/
GNOME downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/gnome/
Kodi (formerly XBMC) downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/xbmc/
Linux Kernel Archives downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/kernel.org/
Linux Mint CD images | packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/linuxmint/images/
mozdev.org (Archived) downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/mozdev/
MSYS2 downloads All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/msys2/
MX Linux CD images | packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/mxlinux-iso/
OpenSUSE Mirror Contents Recent releases (opensuse-hotstuff) rsync://mirror.umd.edu/opensuse/
Raspbian CD images + packages All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/raspbian/
ROS.org packages | wiki All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/packages.ros.org/
TurnKey Linux Images All releases rsync://mirror.umd.edu/turnkeylinux/
Ubuntu Linux CD images | packages Instructions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/ubuntu/

Using the local Ubuntu packages mirror

  1. Choose "Ubuntu Software Center" from the "Applications" menu.
  2. Select "Edit" -> "Software Sources"
  3. In the menu next to "Download from", select "Other..."
  4. Select "mirror.umd.edu" under "United States" and click "Choose Server".
Zorin OS ISO Images Core, Lite, and Education editions rsync://mirror.umd.edu/zorin/

Contact us: mirror-admins at umd dot edu.
Do NOT contact the UMD DIT Helpdesk - they cannot help you and they will tell you to contact us directly.

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