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  1. Overview
  2. Usage


This package can be used to control a real or simulated Leo Rover with a keyboard or a joystick.


To control the robot with a keyboard, simply type on the terminal (on your computer or on the robot via SSH):

rosrun leo_teleop key_teleop

This will run the teleop_twist_keyboard node (with some parameters set) which will print the key mapping at the start. For best performance, set the keyboard repeat delay on your system below 300ms.

To control the robot with a joystick, use:

roslaunch leo_teleop joy_teleop.launch

If your joystick device is available on a path other than /dev/input/js0, you can specify it using the joy_dev argument, for example:

roslaunch leo_teleop joy_teleop.launch joy_dev:=/dev/input/js1

The default joy button and axis mapping was created for Xbox 360 Controller and it looks as follows:

RB button

Hold it to publish velocity commands to the robot

Up/Down Axis stick left

Control linear speed of the robot

Left/Right Axis stick right

Control angular speed of the robot

If you would like to use custom mapping, set the joy_config_file argument to a path of a YAML file containing parameters for teleop_twist_joy node.

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