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Package Summary

This package provides a Qt4 user interface for creating, storing and uploading Object Models using a Kinect camera and multiple markers.

This package is part of RoboEarth (EU FP7, grant 248942).

What does re_object_recorder do?

The re_object_recorder package aims at the creation of object detection models using the Kinect sensor. It allows the user to control the recording process and improve the results by manually removing incorrect clouds. By default, 2 types of models with the following names are created for each object:

If a RoboEarth connection is established, you can also upload the object model files to the database.

See the tutorial roboearth_stack/Tutorials/Record an object model on how to use it.

The object under investigation has to be placed on a marker table, that holds the following pattern marker_template.pdf. It is important to print it out the same size (marker edge length of 80.0 mm). These AR (Augmented Reality) markers are used to register the point cloud for the model from different views without any expensive computations. All packages are located in the object_scanning subdirectory under the roboearth_stack.

This package relies on ar_bounding_box to create a bounding box fixed to the marker pattern. The bounding box is used to filter the points belonging to the model from background points.

Common Problems and Solutions

General Hints

If re_object_recorder is unable to receive object recordings, please consider the following hints:

'detected X markers in the image; at least 3 markers are necessary to estimate a coordinate system. please check your camera setup.'

ar_bounding_box tries to detect the 3 markers closest to the Kinect and create a coordinate system; this warning gets displayed whenever there are less than 3 markers detected.

'distance X/X too large: XXXX'

This message indicates that the ar_bounding_box node was unable to calculate a coordinate frame from the detected markers.

In order to eliminate implausible scans, we check the distances between the estimated marker positions. If they differ from the distances given by the marker template by more than a small threshold, ar_bounding_box outputs the above warning. In this case, you should check the estimated marker positions with rivz.

There are multiple ways to address this problem:

Bad alignment of point clouds

If the point clouds do not seem to be aligned at all, make sure that depth registration is enabled for the openni driver. See openni_launch#Quick_start on how to do that.

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