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Disclaimer and condition of use

Disclaimer: this stack is not maintained by Aldebaran Robotics. Stack maintainers do not hold copyright for the model information. This stack is based on information freely available and is distributed with Aldebaran Robotics permission.

If you are using this robot to illustrate a document such as a scientific publication, you should include the following copyright notice: "(c) Aldebaran Robotics" near the figure.


Romeo is a 140-cm humanoid robot designed by Aldebaran Robotics.

This package contains the following information:

The current model is based on the robot model v1.0.

Additional information

Stepping information with static toes

Maximum forward step (X axis / front-rear)

0.245m (safe) / 0.32m (unsafe)

Maximum lateral step (Y axis / left-right)


URDF model

The URDF model contains the kinematic chain and meshes information. The following screenshot has been taken in rviz with tf tree frame location indicated. The pose is set to 0 for all degrees of freedom here.

Romeo in RViz

The robot frames naming scheme follows the REP 105 and REP 120 documents.

Normalized naming can be considered as stable, intermediate links naming may change when the package is updated.

Romeo tf frames

SRDF model

The SRDF model contains the half-sitting reference pose called half_sitting. It is meant to used as a statically stable posture where the center of mass is near the robot waist. It can be used to safely initialize optimization problems or planning algorithms.

RCPDF model

To be done.

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