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Arduino firmware for UTexas BWI segbot sensors.

Build and Install

The CMakeLists.txt does not yet support make and install from the command line. To build and install firmware on the Arduino board, first install the Arduino development tools. On Ubuntu, run these commands:

$ sudo apt-get install arduino
$ mkdir ~/sketchbook 
$ cd ~/sketchbook
$ ln -s $(rospack find segbot_firmware)/src/libraries .

Then run Arduino GUI:

$ arduino

Select File > Sketchbook > Libraries followed by the desired firmware version. Then, click the -> icon to compile the microcode and load it into the controller.

ROS Driver

When the firmware is loaded, start roscore and run the ROS device driver:

$ rosrun segbot_sensors sensor_ranges_driver

The driver publishes sensor readings on the /sensor_ranges topic. To see the data, run:

$ rostopic echo /sensor_ranges

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