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Stack details

This stack contains:

Note that an interface to a full-fledged database used for manipulation can be found in the household_objects_database package, which does not live in this stack.

Supported SQL databases

The current release provides an interface with PostgreSQL database. However, most of the code is in place to support sqlite database as well. This feature will probably be added in a future release.

Database releases

Specific releases of ROS stacks, containing algorithms that process a certain type of data, can be accompanied by versioned database releases containing the data itself. As an example, a release might contain:

We believe that this model will enable:


  1. Installation of a PostgreSQL server

    A step-by-step "cheat-sheet" for installing a PostgreSQL server on a Ubuntu machine. Does not cover any advanced installation procedures, just a very simple installation with no additional options. After installing the server, you can set up multiple databases, restore them from backup files, etc.

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