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Visualization_Experimental is a temporary stack for use with the ROS electric release during the ROS Fuerte development period. It contains packages rviz_qt and ogre_tools_qt, which are ports to the Qt GUI library of rviz and ogre_tools. Before Fuerte release, both of these packages will get copied back over the original wxWidgets versions in the visualization and visualization_common stacks, respectively. At the moment, "unstable" is not stable enough to build rviz, which is the reason for this temporary stack.

Report a Bug

Please use the following (slightly non-standard) trac links. I would like to manage bugs for the new Qt rviz in the regular rviz trac, where it will move to in a few months anyway. To keep these separate from the wx version, these fill in the "keywords" field with "qt".

Use trac to report bugs or request features. [ View active tickets ]

2024-07-20 14:47