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Package Summary

Rosinstall is a tool to check out source code. This is a slightly modified version so that it works on windows. Alot of the patches to rosinstall are already being merged upstream to the actual rosinstall package, whilst others will remain here until its decided they are stable (at which point we'll try to merge them upstream).

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  • Create the PYTHONHOME environment variable (typically set to C:\Python27).

  • Add %PYTHONHOME%/Scripts to your PATH variable.


From the shell, simply running rosinstall should give you almost the same interface as the linux version of rosinstall.

Differences to RosInstall

Differences to rosinstall are only minor:

  • Rosinstall

    • The nobuild option is now the default (since we're using rosbuild2).

    • Adds a function which automatically sets up a windows setup.bat script.

  • Other

    • Other scripts, notably rosco, roslocate, rosws are not yet included.


The rosinstall installation is based around a 32 bit version of python (x86). This must be the case even for win64 as many python modules do not yet have 64 bit versions. Note - this is not a big issue, so don't worry.



  • Add C:\Python27\ and C:\Python27\Scripts to your PATH variable if not already present.


Options are identical to that for rosinstall. An example for rosinstall usage (one line):

> rosinstall C:\opt\catkin https://raw.github.com/stonier/win_ros/master/msvc_fuerte.rosinstall

And for rosws usage:

> rosws init --catkin src
> cd src
> rosws set catkin --git https://github.com/yujinrobot/catkin.git
> rosws set genmsg --git git://github.com/ros/genmsg.git
> rosws set gencpp --git git://github.com/ros/gencpp.git
> rosws set genpy --git git://github.com/ros/genpy.git
> rosws update catkin
> rosws update genmsg
> rosws update gencpp
> rosws update genpy

For more detailed usage notes, refer to rosinstall's documentation.

Differences to RosInstall

  • Adds a function which automatically sets up a windows setup.bat script.

  • Scripts other than rosinstall/rosws, notably rosco and roslocate are not yet included.

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