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Package Summary

A controller ensuring the safe operation of Xbot. The SafetyController keeps track of bumper, cliff and wheel drop events. In case of the first two, Xbot is commanded to move back. In the latter case, Xbot is stopped. This controller can be enabled/disabled. The safety states (bumper pressed etc.) can be reset. WARNING: Dangerous!


  1. 简介


xbot_safety_controller功能包是确保xbot安全运行的控制器。当机器人将发生碰撞或掉落悬崖事件时,要求机器人返回原地;在机器人车轮脱落时,停止机器人。 可以启用/禁用此控制器。 可以重置安全状态(按下保险杠等)。

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