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New in diamondback

Only released in EOL distros:  

rx: rxbag | rxdeps | rxgraph | rxtools | wxPython_swig_interface | wxswig | xdot

Package Summary

GUI tools for ROS: rxbag, rxplot, rxgraph, and others.

rx: rxbag | rxgraph | rxtools | wxPython_swig_interface | xdot

Package Summary

GUI tools for ROS - rxbag, rxplot, rxgraph, and others

rx: rxbag | rxgraph | rxtools | wxpython_swig_interface | xdot

Package Summary

Package deprecated These wxWidget based tools are superseded by the Qt based tool rqt and its plugins

GUI tools for ROS - rxbag, rxplot, rxgraph, and others

  • Maintainer status: end-of-life (Superseded by rqt_common_plugins)
  • Maintainer: Dirk Thomas <dthomas AT osrfoundation DOT org>
  • Author: Ken Conley, Brian Gerkey
  • License: BSD, LGPL, Creative Commons, wxWindows
  • Source: git https://github.com/ros-visualization/rx.git (branch: groovy-devel)


(!) rx packages are replaced by rqt, which is available for fuerte and later.


The rx stack contains GUI-related tools for using ROS, including:

Prior to ROS Diamondback, these tools were part of the monolithic ros stack. They are now provided separately to enable GUI-less use of ROS. This work was done as part of REP 100.

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