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This package contains the driver for the etherCAT Hand. It uses the pr2_etherCAT which is running the main loop at 1kHz for sending and receiving packets to/from the etherCAT. We also load the pr2_controller_manager which will be used to load the controllers on demand.

The driver sends different demands to the etherCAT hand and receives and formats correctly the incoming packets. The incoming data is stored in a vector of actuators (defined in the sr_robot_lib package). Those actuators are then passed to the controllers for the 1kHz control loop. The controllers are publishing the relevant data (position / effort / velocity) at 100Hz on the /joint_states topic, and the hardware diagnostics on the /diagnostics topic at 1Hz.

The protocol used to interpret or build the etherCAT packets can be found in sr_external_dependencies.

Please refer to the Tutorials to learn how to use the driver.

Checking the status of the robot

You can look at the current status of the robot using the robot_monitor:

$ rosrun robot_monitor robot_monitor

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