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This package contains a node, which receives the tuw_multi_robot_msgs/RouteSegment message for a robot and publishes a nav_msgs/Path up to the point a robot is allowed to move.

A tuw_multi_robot_msgs/RouteSegment contains a set of segments, where each of them has preconditions to tell when a robot is allowed to enter a certain segment. The tuw_multi_robot_route_to_path_node subscribes to these messages and checks how many of these preconditions are met and publishes a path from start to the last segment, for which the preconditions are met. This node subscribes to all robots as one node for performance reasons while testing with a large number of robots.

Subscribed Topics

[robot_name]/route (tuw_multi_robot_msgs/Route)

robot_info (tuw_multi_robot_msgs/RobotInfo)

Published Topics

[robot_name]/path (nav_msgs/Path)

robot_info (tuw_multi_robot::RobotInfo)


~robot_names (string[] default: "[robot_0]")

~robot_names_str (string default: "")

~robot_radius (float[] default: "[]")

~robot_default_radius (float default: "0.3")

~path_topic (string default: "path")

~route_topic (string default: "route")

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